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  Become a Wellness Agent

If you would like to become a Wellness Agent then please send us an email indicating you would like to become an agent and we will send you the link to the Agent Registration form page.

Becoming a Wellness Agent allows you to earn a commission on purchases from all people you sell our services too. For more information on this job opportunity, see our page on Agent Policies and Why should I become an agent? at their links below.
(Please note: This web page services our entire web network. You can choose whichever focus you like.)


Career Opportunity

We are Hiring

There are two things you should know to start.

1. What a Health Agent does

2. How a Health Agent does it.



There are several types of jobs available in this new health service industry. 

At the present time we sell two major things.

Number One 
Dr. Ouellette's Wellness Web Assessment, the Canadian Holistic Online Consultation at

Number two
Wellness Web Workshops directly with Dr. Ouellette.

We also sell Products on our web store Nutritional Products page.

If you are a self starter with experience and business acumen, or just starting out with some sales experience, then send your resume to us. Indicate what level of job you are interested in and your experience and training.

Job Opportunity

Optimal Health Agent

Work from home.
Start with simple referrals to our web site.
You can become a Marketing/Sales Agent.
Earn commission on referrals.
It's a good second job.
People with disabilities are welcome. (A blind person and a deaf person could join up and form a team. The team would then draft a plan and implement the plan.)


Send me the web page to register as a Health Advice Therapy Health Agent please. Just type in 'Agent Registration Form' in the email subject line.




Motivational Drift Offer


CHIROPRACTIC for pain rlelief






Pain Relief

A Chiropractic-Plus Clinic

We do more than just chiropractic.

Dr. Victor Ouellette,

Retiring Certifications: DNM, RNP, Cert. Acup.



 To see a Slide show explaining why you should choose us click the link below.

Why Choose Us?